Whiskyfun - By Serge Valentin Batch 015 : Craigellachie

Whiskyfun – By Serge Valentin Batch 015 : Craigellachie

- France

By Serve Valentin

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Batch 015 :Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Craigellachie 2007 – 13 years :
Craigellachie 13 yo 2007/2021 (48%, Dumangin & Fils, ratafia champenois finish) – 3,5 stars
We’ve already tried some of their finishings, one Bushmills (superb!) and one Greenore (not too bad!) This time they’re tackling Scotch malt whisky, so a thicker, fatter base. Let’s see… By the way, at WF we’re die-hard fans of all the wee unusual specialties they’re having in Champagne and in the north of Burgundy, ratafia indeed, Irancy, Rosé des Riceys, sauvignon de Saint-Bris, some Coteaux-Champenois… Great wee categories to explore. Anyway, let’s move on… Colour: gold. Nose: yep. Remember ratafia is no wine, it’s rather must plus eau-de-vie, which means that there cannot be any ‘fermentary clashes’. Jaffa cakes, orange cake, big moist figs, sultanas, dried apricots, peach jam… and tangerine liqueur! Tangerine liqueur would end any wars, just ship some to the fighters on both sides. Very nice nose, with Jaffa cakes at the helm. Mouth: absolutely lovely. Dried fruits, dried citrus, sultanas, dried rambutans (really), rooibos tea (not quite tea but there)… What comes rather unexpected is that this wouldn’t even be stuffy or thick or cloying. In short, balance and freshness were preserved. Finish: medium, rather more on yellow plums and quinces. Comments: I don’t think this finishing changed much to the original spirit, it just made it louder and a notch thicker and warmer, in a good way. Like what a good tube amp would do to an old 45rpm by The Stones, if you will. Great job, I suppose we ought to have a few ratafias here one day. Oh and I would also try this on Hampden and call that ‘Rastafia’. Just sayin’, not my business…
SGP:641 – 84 points.