Exceptional Know how, the « Savoir Faire »

When greatness lies in simplicity

At Champagne Dumangin J. Fils, it is the sum of minute details which which truly highlights the intricacies of the land and the work of men. Gilles considers his job of Cellar Master and winemaker as a clever blend of precision and additions. It allows him to create beautiful Champagnes with character.

On the Estate, « All is made in the most simplistic way » with utmost respect for the grapes, the musts, the terroirs, the soils and the vines. Without claiming to be organic, the 29 vineyard parcels are tended in the spirit of organic vine work. Gilles, a free spirit by nature, keeps the option of coming back to more « raisonnée » approach if the need is there.

There is no short cut in winemaking

Every year, when harvest approaches in Champagne, activity is bubbling at the Dumangin J. Fils estate. For Gilles and his team, only one thing is important: the respect of grapes. Minutiously harvested by hand, each grape is delicately put in a small crate (18-20 kgs). Each small crate is then cold stabilized for a few hours (up to a full night). This ingenious method preserves the natural acidity of the grapes while avoiding autopressing in the crates.

At Dumangin J. Fils, parcel wine making is paramount: Each vineyard of more than 10/15 ares (1/4 to 1/3 acre) is individually pressed in a preciously qualitative PAM Coquard presse. The musts are then individually stored by parcel in roughly 80 small stainless steel tanks. Stainless steel preserves the unique acidity and exceptional flavour potential of the Montagne de Reims region. Wood is also used in some cuvées.

Always one step ahead

Visionary, seeing the effect of climate change on his wines, Gilles also stopped malolactic fermentation on his wines in 2012 to preserve the House style: taut, aromatic and elegant wines which can be tasted easily at all times. Obsessed by quality summed up by « perfect zero default wines », Gilles is the only master of his Cellar. His « vins clairs » will only be blended on the day they are ready to be and then bottled and cellar aged for a minimum of 3 years for non vintage champagnes, 9 years for vintages and sometimes much more for Prestige cuvées. To respect the fruitiness of his Champagnes Gilles has a on demand policy for disgorgement. It both follows the age of the wine and adapts to its perceived acidity to produce balanced wines. Each step is thought through to create beautifully crafted champagnes, like haute couture pieces. Each bottle of Champagne Dumangin J. Fils is a unique, handcrafted, luxury wine.