It’s Champagne Dumangin, enjoy !

“It’s Champagne, enjoy !”

Through his love of food discoveries, Gilles Dumangin aims to create exceptionally Champagnes destined to be great matches to flavours and spices of the best world cuisine. It’s therefore in perfect harmony that the Chef and the Winemaker must work to compose a 4-hand symphony … to produce fleeting pleasures which will provide a lifetime of memories.

« Never stop enjoying good food, champagne and poetry… with elegance »

It is time to enjoy time

For a better living, Dumangin J. Fils Champagnes are an invitation to unwind, sont une invitation to disconnect from everyday life and awaken our ability to marvel over the beauty of the world and existence itself. Reconnect on yourself, on other… share, live and experience life.

Designed to reveal the beauty of everyday moments, Dumangin J. Fils Champagnes can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.