World travelled Champagnes

Export is a long journey in itself …

Citizen of the world, Gilles brought back from his past travels, an enlightened vision for his always changing beloved Champagne region. He very quickly decided to spend the majority of his time in the 4 corners of the globe to promote his wines.

Present in more than 44 countries, he now exports 95% of its premier cru production. His importers, carefully selected connoisseurs, have become loyal friends and Brand Ambassadors of the Champagne House. The archives and the numerous cosmopolitan press articles which are preciously preserved on the Domaine bear witness to this.

A star Winemaker

Worldwide, Dumangin J. Fils champagnes have settled in the most prestigious restaurants and hotels. Strengthened by this success story, Gilles can no longer really travel incognito. Whether at the Ritz Bar in London, at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles or even at the Michelin-starred Restaurant “Le Bernardin” in New York, don’t be surprised to see Dumangin J. Fils Champagnes proudly displayed on the finest tables of the whole world.