Iconic Pink

For Champagne Dumangin J. Fils Pink is an iconic colour. It pays tribute at the same time to the exceptional terroir and the star champagne of the House : Le Rosé Premier Cru. Praised by the press worldwide Since its launch in the early nineties, Gilles Dumangin made it its muse. Inspired by the math equation « 1+1=3 » meaning unity of talents surpasses the simple addition, Gilles Dumangin went further, letting his imagination run wild to give birth to the « Iconic Pink ». Iconic pink is a delicate colour imprinted in a powerful energy yet full of identity.

A terroir and a champagne behing this iconic colour

More than a simple shade of pink, the « Iconic Pink » is now THE common identity thread of the Champagne Dumangin J. Fils universe. With the gentle shade of pink, Gilles also poetically expresses the feminine side of his Champagnes. He also invites women to taste the delicious aromas of his Champagnes- handmade, chic and timeless wines.