Ratafia Champenois

« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed »


Think out of the box

In 1994, while studying in London, Gilles strolled through the streets of London and came across a small wine merchant, not far from Harrods. The latter offers him to taste one of his latest discoveries: a Single Malt Whiskey “Tain L’Hermitage Finish” Vintage 78. A story of love at first sight. Right then Gilles promised himself to launch his own range of Ratafias Champenois & Spirit on which he will apply his own twist, his “Champagne Twist”, as soon as he returns to France.

The daring alliance of the English spirit & French know-how

In 2002, Gilles therefore made his first Ratafia Champenois with a very specific idea in mind: to make the fruit sweat. To achieve this, he decided to use a Fine Champenoise (PGI) rectified with a very high alcohol content.

Faithful to Lavoisier’s philosophy that “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, the then challenger decides to age its Ratafia Champenois in Nothern Côtes du Rhône second-hand barrels to give it a tannic touch close to famous “Tain L’Hermitage Finish” that he loves so much. Coupled with an extremely long ageing time, between 6 and 9 years of age for his Traditional Ratafia Champenois, and up to 14 years of age for his Ratafia Champenois Prestige, the star winemaker has transformed his original tests into a masterpiece.

Following the enthusiasm, both from professional tasters, connoisseurs and even neophytes alike, Gilles continues his adventure today by becoming

« Independent Bottler of the most beautiful World Whiskies ».

Spirits that he of course also patiently ages … guess where?

In the same barrels that once served for the aging of his Ratafia Champenois.