World Whisky

The Power of Whiskey combined with Ratafia Champenois’ Velvet

Over time and his numerous visits to distilleries, Gilles Dumangin has become a collector of the most beautiful “World Whiskies”. Intimate, confidential or even eclectic, his most beautiful bottles come straight from Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Japan
or even the United States … Lover of the noblest of spirits who, like Champagne wine, is a matter of time, knowledge, terroir and experienced know-how, the winemaker is now expanding his know-how through an emblematic collection of 6 exceptional whiskies with a strong character and various aromatic profiles.

A “Champagne Twist” unique in France

After leaving their original stills and casks, these “World Whiskies” then arrive in Champagne to complete their aging in the Estate barrels of Ratafias Champenois located in Chigny-les-Roses. Barrels with already 3 lives which offer these emblematic Whiskies a unique signature: A “Champagne Twist” with a delicious and creamy fruity style that Gilles is today the only one in France to give to these bottles full of history.

In Whisky we trust

Popular with major collectors around the world, who exchange their latest finds as well-kept secrets, these tasting whiskies are also intended for curious and passionate lovers of Single Malts, Single Grain, Bourbon and Rye, wishing to learn a true art of tasting. Because in Champagne as in Whisky, every detail is of paramount importance … From the choice of glass that will reveal all the quintessence of the aromas to the most beautiful food/whisky matches that highlight incredible flavours. Gilles Dumangin invites you take a new look at this spirit of exception already sought after by the English aristocrats of the 16th century.

« Champagne is an art in blending, Whisky an art in ageing. If each distillate is unique, the possibilities after wood ageing are endless … For more than 30 years, both Champagne and Whisky have always been excellent excuses for me to meet new and interesting people. »

Gilles Dumangin